Tóki is the distant Scandinavian Old Norst name which my surname is derived from. Tóki is inspired by Scandinavian style, it’s unique, hand made furniture designed and crafted, one piece at a time, every piece with it’s own unique character and a modern, minimalist style that will sit well in any setting.

Built with longevity in mind, using traditional joinery techniques and solid, high quality timber; rejecting the attitudes of modern throw-away society – Furniture built to last a lifetime and more.

I grew up working with hand tools and making things and have spent my adult life looking for avenues where I can put my skills to use and create. It had never occurred to me that I could pursue design or furniture making as a career until in 2010 I was looking for a particular piece of furniture but couldn’t find anything that suited in design, style or quality. I found pieces that I liked but they drastically lacked quality and that ‘hand crafted’ and local appeal. I decided that none of this would do so I drew up my own design and decided to build it myself, I sourced some Rimu timber and a few tools and went to work. Friends that saw the piece were impressed so I kept building furniture for myself, replacing each piece of furniture I owned over the years. The more people that saw these pieces, the more I was being asked if I could make these things for others. Today I’ve made many pieces of quality furniture and developed a portfolio of unique designs, some of which feature here.


Chris Tuckey,
Designer and maker,
Tóki Furniture & Design.


Toki Furniture buildingToki Furniture building